Below you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our organization. If you find you have a question that has not been answered, please use the button below to ask and someone will get back to you promptly.

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How do I join a playgroup?2021-08-26T18:32:36+00:00

Send us a message via the Contact Us form and we will connect you with our Playgroups Coordinator.

Who do I contact if I have trouble viewing your website?2021-02-25T23:19:53+00:00

For problems with this website, please contact our Communications Coordinator at stamacyber@gmail.com.

What if I join a playgroup and it doesn’t work out?2021-02-25T23:18:58+00:00

Every effort is made to ensure that members are matched up to playgroups that meet their needs. If, however, you find that your playgroup is not a good match for you, we will attempt to find another playgroup for you, if you so desire. You are always welcome to start a new playgroup, as well.

Can I join a playgroup without becoming a member of STAMA?2021-02-25T23:17:51+00:00

No. Membership is required to participate in a playgroup.

How are your playgroups organized?2021-02-25T23:17:04+00:00

Playgroups are organized based on the children’s age and the date and time that the playgroup meets. Each playgroup has a coordinator who is responsible for coordinating the playgroup schedule and ensuring that all playgroup guidelines are followed.

Do you have a sample list of events that I can look at?2021-02-25T23:16:28+00:00

Visit our Home page to see Upcoming Events and our Calendar page. It lists some of the major events we have scheduled for the current month.

What activities does STAMA offer?2021-02-25T23:15:32+00:00

Throughout the year there are a variety of activities available, for moms, of course, but also dads and children. Moms can benefit from our social events, informative general meetings, scripture studies, charitable projects and more. Kids can go to nursery or Preschool Religious Education classes every Sunday, be part of a playgroup, attend Vacation Bible School and participate in the Christmas Pageant. Families can enjoy safe holiday parties throughout the year and volunteer together at various functions.

When and where do you meet?2021-02-25T23:14:08+00:00

We hold monthly General Meetings, Mom’s Night Out and New Member Events, which are typically weekday evenings. Scripture Study is generally during a weekday morning. Family activities, including children’s parties, are usually on Saturdays. Most of our meetings and scripture studies are held in St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church meeting rooms. Social and charitable events are often held offsite. Please visit our Event Calendar for upcoming event dates and locations.

What are the benefits of joining the St. Thomas Aquinas Mothers’ Association?2021-02-25T22:52:17+00:00

See our Membership page for a list of all the benefits we offer.

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